Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Proud Moment? Joy in the Meantime

Our Proud Moment/ Joy in the Meantime

Since a majority of our friends near and far are either becoming pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant or actually having their babies I wanted to write and share our good news with everyone.
After months of waiting to see if our garden would be successful, weeding and watering faithfully everyday we are proud to announce that we picked our first ripe watermelon on Saturday evening! There still is another little guy out in the garden waiting to ripen. It was 10+lbs! We were/ are so proud of ourselves. Gardens are NOT easy to grow so much. You just don't plant the seeds and hope for the best. OH NO! weeding, building supports, readjusting leaves, keeping critters out, watering, misting (yes! there is a difference),'s a job. BUT WELL WORTH IT. We are now eating not only watermelon but tomatoes(4 different kinds), green peppers, zucchini, snow peas. R.I.P red peppers...they didn't make it.
Anyway, we are glad that we were successful at this and are proud of ourselves and our "harvest". I LOVE growing things and watching them develop. I am an ISFJ after all (meyers-briggs talk).
We took pictures to commemorate these exciting few moments before we sliced into it. After we sliced into it, holy cow! It was one of the sweetest watermelons I've tasted this year.
Serious note (focus) we (John and I) LOVE to nurture and grow things. We both want children greatly however, until our time comes, like I mentioned in the cat post(see below), we find joy in and through other parts of God's creation i.e.: gardening, mentoring kids in our scatter group- other people's children, loving our animals and cherishing our family of 2 until it grows. I find myself sometimes missing out on joys in life because I wish for the next best thing. I am finding that there is so much joy to be had in the "meantime".....and I find great joy in eating watermelon that I helped grow!
We revel in our success as agricultural geniuses!
Being silly with the watermelon
He's being extra silly with it!
WeLOVE our watermelon. Its first bath
Then we ate it- score!

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