Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 3

Be OK With Balance
As with anything, balance is best.  But what do I mean by balanced friendship?
Let me explain:
A friendship that both of you get to talk equally. Not one person dominates more than the other. You both are asking questions, answering questions. You aren't demanding all of the persons time to consider it a good friendship, they don't expect you to drop everything for them. Seeing them every day for a week straight may not be healthy for both of you so learn to balance your together time with your apart time and you will learn to value both! Chances are, your friends will have other friends. That's normal. If not, then there could be reasons for that :)
Don't get territorial. That's a sign of co-dependency.  And that is a slippery slope fo' sho'I talk about codependency a lot becuase I am an ex codependent. It was a hard thing to break out of! But with lots of prayer and counseling, I am achieving balance in that area. It's freeeeeeeing! Yay! 
 If you don't sense a balance in a certain friendship then re-evaluate, pray about it, take some time and see if it's something you can work on. If not, this might not be the time to pursue this friendship. Healthy relationships are what we want! A friend who initiates once in a while, who celebrates your differences  and seeks balance, that's a friend to hold onto!

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  1. So each day so far has been like a bunch of brilliant nuggets on friendship. I may be biased because I almost immediately considered you a treasure in a friend, but you certainly are wise for "not being a friendship guru". I think you are, or maybe you're just completely passionate and wholeheartedly committed to making (and maintaining) healthy and balanced friendships. Hmm...I think it must me that one.